MMA Society AGM Sunday December 20, 2015 - Minutes of Meeting‏

Assalamu Alaykum,
Dear Society Members: as most of you are aware, on Sunday December 20, 2015 the MMA AGM was held, and by the grace of ALLAH we had a quorum of more than 20 members as stipulated in the MMA By-Laws.
The meeting was very well organized and everyone who attended was very cooperative and showed interest in moving forward for the betterment of the School and the community as a whole.
At the AGM meeting, new society officers were elected as well as a new board of directors.
Details of the meeting can be seen in the attached minutes of meeting
The new Society Officers are as follows:
1. Chairman: Dr. Hany El-Naggar
2. Vice Chairman: Dr. Sameh Hassan
3. Secretary: Sister Ghada Shuli
The new Board of Directors are as follows:
1. Dr. Sameh Hassan
2. Dr. Hany El-Naggar
3. Yasser El-Azrak
4. Yasser Al Amir
5. Omar Khartabil
6. Dr, Magdi Akl
7. Mohammad Ramadan
8. Dr. Walid El-Naggar
9. Afrah Kashmer
10. Ivone Guerara
Please join me and extend your congratulations and welcome the new society officers and board of directors.
Jazakom ALLAH khairan
Omar Khartabil
Attachment:    MMA Society, AGM Minutes of Dec 20, 2015