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Yearly Calendar

Calendar of Important Days and Holiday

Academic Year 2019-2020

September 2019

2                      Monday                        Labour Day (no school)

3                      Tuesday                         First day of school for staff

5                      Thursday                       First day of school for students

13                     Friday                           PM - Orientation & Curriculum day for parents* (1:00PM)


8                      Tuesday                         School picture

14                     Monday                         Thanksgiving (no school)

25                     Friday                           In service Day (no school)


11                     Monday                         Remembrance Day (no school)

21                     Thursday                       Term One midterm progress report

22                     Friday                            AM - In service Day (No Classes)

                                                             PM-Parent Teacher Interviews (1:00 PM to 3:30 PM)(No Classes)

27 & 28             Wed & Thurs.                Islamic Fair (grades 4 to 12)


2 to 6               Mon to Fri.                    Literacy week & Bookfair

5                      Thurs.                           Spelling bee (English)

20                     Friday                            Last day of school

23                        Monday                           First day of winter break    

January 2020

6                      Monday                         School reopens

24 – 29             Thurs. to Wed.               High school exams and assessments

30                     Thursday                       Term Two begins

30                     Thursday                       Spelling bee (Arabic)


6                      Thursday                       Report card day

7                      Friday                            AM - In service Day (No Classes)

                                                              PM-Parent Teacher Interviews (1:00 PM to 3:30 PM)(No Classes)

17                     Monday                         Heritage Day (no school)

19 & 20             Wed & Thurs.                Science Fair


16 – 20             Mon – Fri                      March break (No school)

28                     Saturday                        Multicultural Day


10&13               Fri. & Mon.                   Statutory Holiday (No school)

16                     Thursday                       Term two midterm progress reports

17                     Friday                           AM - In service Day (No Classes)

                                                              PM-Parent Teacher Interviews (1:00 PM to 3:30 PM)(No Classes)                               

22-23                Wed & Thurs.                Quran competition

24                     Friday                           Ramadan begins**


18                     Monday                         Victoria Day (no school)

20                     Wednesday                    Primary orientation

25&26              Mon. & Tue.                    Eid-ul-Fitr** (No Classes)                               


5                     Friday                           School Spring Event

19-25                Fri. to Thurs.                  High School assessments week and final exams

24                       Wednesday                    last day of classes

26                     Friday                           Report card and Awards Day 11:00AM

27                     Saturday                        Grade 6, 9 & 12 Graduation Party

29                     Monday                         School age/Summer program starts 


1                      Wednesday                    Canada Day (No Daycare)

30&31              Thurs. & Fri.                 Eid-Ul-Adha** (No Daycare)


3                      Monday                         Civic Holiday** (No Daycare)

Please note: Please check MMA monthly calendar which will be updated with more recent and accurate dates, as the above-mentioned dates may change during the school year. 

* School day ends 12:15 PM.

**These dates are subject to future confirmations or changes as set by the Imams of the Halifax Muslim community.

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